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Outspoken Coffee - Official site here. (2018 - present)

Outspoken Coffee is a mobile coffee trike bringing you nitro and cold brew coffee, straight from the tap. Located on Waiheke Island, New Zealand. For years I've been wanting to start my own business in coffee, and this is the first step down that path. The bike is an original Christiania Bike from Denmark and with the help of a friend or 2, built a custom insulated encasement setup to run a 2 tap draught system. In partnership with Kokako Coffee roasted in Mt. Eden, Auckland, we have a shared passion and commitment to sharing excellence and innovation of specialty coffee. I plan to expand the offerings with Nitro Teas, Cold Brew mocktails, Colas, and much more. 

Sustainability is an important aspect for any business today. That’s why I'm focused on joining these efforts by using sustainable products. Our cold cups, lids, and straws are made from plant-based material called PLA and are commercially compostable. The bike is completely self-sustained and requires no electric hookups of any kind. 


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It's a great day for coffee. - Official site here. (2011)

It's a great day for coffee. is a website I created back in 2011 to feature local and independent coffee shops. It originally started with reviews of only Minneapolis / St. Paul, MN coffee shops, but progressed into locations in Brooklyn NYC and St. Louis, MO as I was living periodically in those cities as well. Although I'm not making frequent posts to the site anymore, I've kept it live as a timestamp for coffee where it was in those cities at that time. It's certainly been interesting how coffee has progressed over the last decade, specifically with the Third-Wave. When I originally started posting, little did I know what kind of buzz it would start to stir up in each community. Coffee shop managers and owners began to reach out to me and inviting me for discussions on the future of coffee, and the importance of the site like mine to bring awareness to the public. The website's popularity also led to other opportunities as judging latte art competitions, barista competitions, and attending events like SCAA to offer event marketing coverage. 



Four Letter Lie - Listen on Spotify here. (2004 - 2015)

Four Letter Lie was a rock band formed in 2004 in Minneapolis, MN. We released our first EP entitled Her Escape in May of 2005. We signed to independent powerhouse record label, Victory Records, in 2006. 

The group's first record for Victory, Let Your Body Take Over, appeared in October 2006 and was a regional sales success. The group continued touring throughout 2007 and released the sophomore effort, What a Terrible Thing to Say, on February 19, 2008. The album peaked at No. 31 on the Billboard Top Heatseekers chart.

Our third album, A New Day, was recorded in Atlanta, GA with producer Matt Goldman and was released on October 13, 2009 through Victory Records.  

On May 29, 2014, we announced the signing to Artery Recordings and the EP, "Like Structures" was then released on August 5, 2014. Four Letter Lie announced a reunion show in 2015 which included a hometown performance in Minneapolis, MN. The concert originally announced at venue 7th St. Entry sold out in a matter of an hour, and was moved to the main stage at the iconic First Avenue venue. 

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2012 Threads - Learn more here. (2009 - 2012)

2012 Threads was a clothing company I started in 2009 that used ancient history and ideology based around doomsday predictions of the end of the world, and showcased these ideas through art and fashion.

The idea to start a clothing company with the 2012 idea behind it came around 2008 in between recording albums for Four Letter Lie. I thought back to the whole Y2K phenomenon and how the Mayan theory of the end of the world in 2012 could compare to that, in time. I started reading all about it through different religions and prophecies and saw that it was a worldwide concept. All the facts and predictions were something that everyone could relate to with an open mind. 

2012 Threads sponsored many bands such as Portugal The Man, Mod Sun, and more in the earlier years. We hosted and promoted several successful events in the Minneapolis / Twin Cities area. The original street line went on to be featured and sold on the massive Karmaloop / Kazbah online marketplace which brought international sales and presence. I decided to stop 2012 Threads when we were still on this planet and alive when 2013 came a-knockin.