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who is this guy?

John Waltmann is a Media and Marketing Manager who has 6+ years experience in the industry throughout positions located in Minnesota, New York City and Florida. His passion and thirst for music and live events is what gets him up in the morning. (That, and a good cup of coffee.)

From age 5, John's determination was apparent. He pursued competitive soccer and played on a variety of premiere ranked teams in his hometown of Minnesota. His team won Schwan's USA Cup - a top international tournament. Through his success in soccer, he was also awarded a state scholarship program. He moved on to be a 2 year varsity captain for soccer during this time. 

After graduation John found his love for music, and started a post-hardcore band, Four Letter Lie, with long-time friends. Less than a year into writing music and playing DIY shows, the band was picked up by independent record label, Victory Records.

Over the span of the band's career from 2004 - 2014, Four Letter Lie released 3 full length LP's and 3 EP's, played over 850 shows nationally and internationally, including performances at Taste of Chaos, Warped Tour, Bamboozle Festival and many more. Throughout those years John was responsible for all touring, marketing, merchandise, and financial matters for the band. This included legal processes for visas and work permits, completing contract negotiations and business transactions between the record label, booking agent, and artist managements.

This hands-on experience drove him to pursue a career in the business side of music. In 2010 John moved to Brooklyn, NYC to work for digital reputation firm Panacea3, who represented several music clients at the time. This opportunity transitioned into becoming the label manager for record label No Shame, in 2011. 

In 2013, John moved to Tampa, FL where he worked for live show production and talent booking company Mishu, based in Miami, FL. He was head of Marketing and Media Management for the 2 yearly festivals produced by the company, House of Creatives Music Festival and Isle Of Light Music Festival. 

In his spare time John can be found being immersed at a local show, referring a soccer game, or passionately supporting FC Barcelona.